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Quality Policy

Singapore Test Services (STS) is committed to the timely delivery and responsive support of products that remain safe and reliable for their intended use, and the provision of services that meet regulatory standards and satisfy our customers’ requirements.

We aim to build a culture of quality with our employees and business partners, where there is accountability for the quality of work.

We continually sustain and enhance our quality management system to improve the quality of our products and services, maintain appropriate controls and conduct periodic reviews of set goals.

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy, Energy / Carbon Footprint

Singapore Test Services (STS) is committed to achieving sustainable growth through sound environmental practices, and healthy and safe workplaces.

We promote healthy lifestyles and prevent injuries and occupational illnesses through proactive risk assessments and mitigations

We comply with all regulatory and relevant international EHS standards.

We contribute to the protection of our environment by proactively reducing our carbon footprint, including minimizing our consumption of energy and water resources.

We communicate our EHS policy with our stakeholders and encourage open reporting and sharing of information.

We periodically review our goals and continually enhance our practices and controls.

Business Continuity Policy

We recognise that a quick resumption of operations after a disruption is critical to minimise the impact on our customers, protect the interests of all stakeholders, safeguard our reputation and maintain public confidence in us. 

We are committed to establishing a holistic business continuity management system that identifies potential threats which may disrupt our operations and develop effective responses to minimise their impact.

We develop, implement and review business continuity plans of our businesses to ensure that critical functions can continue to operate within acceptable levels of disruption.

Impartiality Policy

STS understands the importance of impartiality when performing management system certificate activities, managing potential conflict of interests and providing objectivity for management system certification activities. STS has developed and implemented procedures in compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1 and IAF Mandatory Documents. All personnel and those who are working for or on its behalf shall be obliged to comply with impartiality requirements and not to undertake any actions that threaten the impartiality and/or potential conflict of interests. 

STS shall not provide certification or engage personnel/organisation which may pose a threat to impartiality or conflict of interest to its management certification activities.  STS and any part of the same legal entity and any entity under the organisational control of STS shall not:

  1. Certify another certification body for its Quality management system certification activities.
  2. Provide management system consultancy or outsource audits to another organisation providing management system consultancy.
  3. Certify a majority or wholly owned entity or any entity under the organisation control of STS (if there are such companies), to avoid any unacceptable threat to impartiality.
  4. Certify business entities, units, division, groups within ST Engineering Land Systems, including ST Engineering Land Systems to avoid any unacceptable threat to impartiality.
  5. Provide second party (internal audits) to STS certified clients.
  6. Certify a management system on which it provided internal audits for a minimum of two years following the completion of the internal audits.
  7. Certify a management system within the last two years following the end of clients engaged consultancy organisation for its management system or internal audits, where the engaged consultancy organisation has relationship with STS.
  8. Be seen as liked with marketing activities of an organisation that provides management system consultancy.
  9. State or imply that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if a specified consultancy organisation were used.
  10. Use personnel working on or behalf of STS in which they have been involving in providing management system consultancy within the last two years following the end of consultancy, to take part in an audit or certification activities towards the client in question.

STS is fully responsible for the impartiality of its conformity assessment activities and shall not allow pressure of any kind (financial, trade, administrative, moral or other) over the STS manager and the personnel working for on or behalf of STS, regarding the execution of their obligations as staff of a management system certification body in according to ISO/ IEC 17021-1 and IAF Mandatory Documents.

STS will identify, analyse, evaluate, document and demonstrate how it eliminates or decreases potential impartiality threat on an ongoing basis and shall cover all potential sources of conflicts of interests that are identified regardless of their origin. This information will be made available to the Advisory Committee in ensuring consistent objective provision of certification activities of STS and to advise any matters affecting confidence in certification. This will be included in the periodical review of the Advisory committee including the impartiality focus on the audit, certification and decision making processes. STS shall make all the possible actions against threats in safeguarding impartiality. Top management of STS is committed to full compliance with this Policy.