Automotive - Product Reliability
Vibration Test
  • To qualify products during the product development phase, product manufacturing phase and product delivery to customer phase. Vibration testing is done by introducing a forcing function into a structure / product using a vibration test shaker.
Salt Spray Test
  • Testing of a product’s susceptibility to saline-induced corrosion. Through tests such as salt-spray testing, companies can understand the extent in which their products succumb to corrosion.
Thermal Shock Test
  • Thermal Shock is a mode of environment testing whereby objects are exposed to a sudden change in temperature within seconds for different periods of time and cycles.
Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) / Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS)
  • HALT and HASS are tests that subject products to a random six-degrees-of-freedom vibration and rapid thermal change rates – in the combined environment necessary to accelerate the failure of the product.
Solar Thermal Test
Temperature/Humidity Test
  • Temperature/humidity testing simulates different climatic conditions. High humidity accelerates oxidation and rust in products. This increases the conductivity of permeable insulators and leads to malfunction in electronic products.
Strain Gauge & Vibration Measurement
  • Testing involves mounting of accelerometer sensors on the automotive to capture real-time vibration experienced on the vehicle.
Automotive - Calibration & Measurement
Pressure Measurement
  • Calibration and measurement of up to 16,000psi and 0.9bar for vacuum calibration.
  • Measuring devices employed include gauges, transducers and recorders.
Radiation Calibration (Non-accredited)
  • DMC 3000
  • SOR Dosimeters
Torque Measurement
  • Calibration and measurement of up to 2500Nm and cable-tension meter up to 300lbf.
  • Calibration and verification of all types of measuring instruments and tools :
    • Fixtures and jigs
    • Micrometers, calipers, depth and height gauges
    • Displacement sensors, dials, electrical gauge and thickness gauges
    • Plug and ring gauges (thread and go-no-go gauges)
    • Feeler gauges, vee blocks, engineer’s parallel/square, straight edge, film thickness gauges, test sieves, spirit level, clinometers / digital protractors, bore gauges, measuring tape, steel rule, glass scales, radius gauges, electronic comparators, and checkers
  • CMM dimension measurement services
Force Measurement
  • Verification of force measuring devices such as load cells, proving rings and durometers.
Mechanical Testing
  • Testing of metal, polymer, rubber and composites for tensile strength, bend, shear strength, hardness (Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Micro-hardness), Charpy impact, compressive strength and flexural strength.
Chemical Composition Analysis
  • For raw materials (metal bars / sheets) used for manufacturing / processing. Such materials need to be checked for conformance to the required specification to ensure that the products are good for their intended purposes, e.g. strength, corrosion resistance, toughness
  • Our comprehensive solutions include employing Arc Spark-Optical Emission Spectrometry, Combustion, Inert Gas Fusions, and various other wet / classical methodologies.
  • Analysis of bath solutions for electroplating, cleaning and etching / pickling processes are also our forte to ensure top-notch quality of our customers’ finished products.
Welding Competency Test
(CAAS SAR Chp 6.5–Appendix 1)
  • For metal scaffoldings, reinforcement bars, reinforcement bars with coupler, steel wire, welded steel fabric / structures / plates / pipes
Thermal spray / Plasma coating evaluation
  • Metallurgy and Failure analysis
  • Failure investigation on components and equipment
  • Material evaluation by metallurgical examination
  • Coating thickness, grain size and ferrite measurement
  • Corrosion investigation, corrosion prevention advisory services and material selection
  • Macro and micro examination
  • Case depth / Decarburisation depth measurement
  • Inclusion / grain size checks
  • Analysis / coating measurement for PCB
IEC 62133 and IEC62620
per IEC 62133 and IEC62620

ISO 9001

OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001

ISO 14001