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We are a leading NADCAP-accredited NDT and inspection body for aerospace NDT applications.

Magnetic Particle Testing

  • Magneflux: Three-phase FWDC bench unit with 6000A magnetising current and separate AC aperture coil for demagnetisation
  • Maximum component size 1250mm length and 250mm diameter

Ultrasonic Testing

  • Contact method
  • Phrased array ultrasonic test
  • Time of flight diffraction

Infrared Thermography

Radiographic Testing

  • Lab-based: Film and computed radiographic, radiographic testing using 320kV X-ray machine for inspection of aircraft material, component, weldments and casting, and Cobalt-60 for heavy thickness components
  • On site: Gamma and X-ray inspection

Eddy Current Testing

Video Borescope Inspection

  • Video borescope inspection and remote-visual condition on aircraft engine and fuel tank.
  • Borescope images allow permanent archival of the inspection results during non-destructive inspection.

We are consultants to the Aerospace-MRO industry and have deep expertise in IAQ, IHM and noise related measurements.

Indoor Air Quality Tests & Heat Stress Measurement

  • Monitoring of parameters such as temperature, humidity, air velocity, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and micro-organisms and particulate matter (referencing SS554)

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring (IHM)

  • Monitoring and control of industrial hygiene
  • Comprehensive testing of volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and toxic gases.

Noise Measurement & Monitoring

  • Monitoring and control of noise pollution. Services include factory noise mapping, equipment/engine noise measurement, personal noise monitoring and boundary noise monitoring

Source & Exhaust Emissions Tests

  • Testing to ensure emissions are in compliance with the Environmental Protection and Management Act.
  • Sampling and analyses of a range of parameters in accordance with US-EPA (United States – Environmental Protection Agency) methods.
  • Monitoring of parameters such as volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and toxic gases.

Water & Wastewater Tests

  • Detection of water contamination by undesirable chemicals and microbiological agents with APHA (American Public Health Association) & US-EPA (United States – Environmental Protection Agency) methods.
  • Detection of contamination in water sources such as drinking water, sewage and trade effluents, industrial water, ground water, NEWater and RO water.

Metrology and calibration of key tools, equipment and fixtures used in the Aerospace industry.

Pressure Measurement

  • Calibration and measurement of up to 16,000psi and 0.9bar for vacuum calibration.
  • Measuring devices employed include gauges, transducers and recorders.

Torque Measurement

  • Calibration and measurement of up to 2500Nm and cable-tension meter up to 300lbf.

Force Measurement

  • Verification of force measuring devices such as load cells, proving rings and durometers.

Radiation Calibration (Non-accredited)

  • DMC 3000
  • SOR Dosimeters


  • Calibration and verification of all types of measuring instruments and tools :
    • Fixtures and jigs
    • Micrometers, calipers, depth and height gauges
    • Displacement sensors, dials, electrical gauge and thickness gauges
    • Plug and ring gauges (thread and go-no-go gauges)
    • Feeler gauges, vee blocks, engineer’s parallel/square, straight edge, film thickness gauges, test sieves, spirit level, clinometers / digital protractors, bore gauges, measuring tape, steel rule, glass scales, radius gauges, electronic comparators, and checkers
  • CMM dimension measurement services


  • Calibration of temperature, humidity, electrical parameters

One-stop solution to ensure lifting equipment and gear in the Aerospace industry meets MOM requirements.

Lifting Equipment Certification

  • MOM Certification / IB Certification
  • Load testing and visual inspection of standard and customised lifting equipment according to both Singapore and international standards

Pull Test

  • Testing of anchor bolts and beam structures

Customised Structural Equipment Testing

  • Testing of storage racks, step ladders, vehicle supports, support structures and tripod jacks.

Hydrostatic Testing on Pressure Vessel

  • MOM Certification or API Inspection

Comprehensive materials testing for the Aerospace industry e.g. chemical, mechanical, metallurgy and failure forensics.

Mechanical Testing

  • Testing of metal, polymer, rubber and composites for tensile strength, bend, shear strength, hardness (Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Micro-hardness), Charpy impact, compressive strength and flexural strength.

Welding Competency Test

(CAAS SAR Chp 6.5–Appendix 1)

  • For metal scaffoldings, reinforcement bars, reinforcement bars with coupler, steel wire, welded steel fabric / structures / plates / pipes

Metallurgy & Failure Analysis

  • Failure investigation on components and equipment
  • Material evaluation by metallurgical examination
  • Coating thickness, grain size and ferrite measurement
  • Corrosion investigation, corrosion prevention advisory services and material selection
  • Macro and micro examination
  • Case depth / Decarburisation depth measurement
  • Inclusion / Grain size checks
  • Analysis / coating measurement for PCB

Thermal spray / Plasma coating evaluation

Comprehensive materials testing for the Aerospace industry e.g. chemical, mechanical, metallurgy and failure forensics.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001